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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about carpet cleaning and related subjects answered by our professional crew.

Q: What carpet gives me the best value?
A: Today's carpets come in a variety of fibers, colors, and durability as well as life spans. If you're contemplating recarpeting and are not sure which carpet would be the best purchase, here is a list of different carpets' pros & cons that might help you:

NYLON - 10 yrs:


  • Most common carpeting material
  • Durable, easy to dye, long lasting
  • Resistant to furniture indentions
  • Versatile



  • Attracts static
  • An expensive fiber
  • Not very stain resistant
  • Prone to fading


OLEFIN (Polypropylene) - 10 yrs:


  • Second most popular carpeting material
  • Can be cleaned with strong cleaners without damaging color/fibers
  • Not damaged by sunlight
  • Stain resistant



  • Less durable than Nylon, so ideal for lower traffic areas
  • Attracts more dirt than Nylon
  • Fibers do not bounce back easily




  • Budget friendly
  • Resistant to stains
  • Ideal for house with children



  • Not very durable/long lasting
  • Low variety in color schemes


WOOL - 15yrs:


  • Very resilient
  • Fiber able to bounce back, therefore great for high traffic areas
  • Long lasting
  • Water resistant
  • Efficiently hides soils



  • Expensive
  • Stains easily
  • Sensitive to chemical cleaners
  • Sensitive to sunlight


It is important to remember that the information cited in this chart assumes a regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning routine. This is the only way to ensure a longer lasting carpet. Olefin and Wool carpets are particularly sensitive to vacuuming. Olefin has been known to be very heat sensitive and cases of DIY steam cleaning rubbers melting into the carpet have been documented. Wool carpet also requires professional care, especially in the removal of stains. Many people have reported their wool carpets negatively reacting to store bought stain removers, resulting in permanent damage.

Carpet Cleaning Sunrise's technicians are educated on these types of fiber cleaning and more, including acrylic, blends, cotton, Berber, Persian, Oriental, and more, all with their own specific cleaning instructions.

Carpet materials vary in their reactions to cleaning solutions. Instead of risking a permanent carpet catastrophe, call a trusted carpet cleaning service professional and have it done right! Call us today!


Q: Will carpet cleaning get rid of fleas and ticks?

A: A flea or tick infestation is an absolute nightmare for a pet owner and for their four legged friend. While it is a fairly common occurrence, the sight of one of those little critters is enough to send someone into panic. If you have found a flea or tick on your pet or in your home, you need to act fast. After quarantining your pet and treating them with the appropriate measures, you must tackle your bedding, carpet, and upholstery immediately. First, vacuum your entire home and any upholstery you can. While carpets provide the perfect hiding place for fleas and tickets, they are likely to exist wherever you pet has been. Make sure to remove all your bedding, blankets, pillow cases, and even clothes lying around like socks and shoes. Flip over any rugs you might have, they are sneaky little guys. You have now limited their ability to escape. Now you must treat the home with a vet recommended flea and tick spray. If the situation is extreme, you might need a flea or tick bomb. After waiting the suggested amount of time, you must remove all the dead flea and tick eggs as well as the remaining ones. For third step, in order to assure the total removal of flea and ticks and their eggs, we suggest a thorough steam clean, preferably at professional grade temperatures. If a flea or tick was able to withstand a chemical spray, they will surely meet their end in the hot temperature of a steam clean. It is even a good idea to discuss a carpet cleaning + upholstery cleaning deal with your local provider. Now that you have rid your home of fleas and ticks, you should remember to vacuum your home regularly in order to prevent a reoccurrence. If you live in an area that is particularly prone to fleas, tickets, or other animal parasites, Carpet Cleaning Sunrise has a variety of seasonal carpet & upholstery cleaning solutions that are ideal for your situation. Our technicians are animal lovers too, so we can guarantee the upmost sensitivity for your situation. For more information about our steam cleaning or other services, including air duct cleaning, water extraction, and more, call our customer representatives and get your free over the phone price estimate today!

Q: Should I rent a carpet cleaner (Machine)?

A: For people who are on a tight budget, cleaning your own carpets can be a very enticing option. Steam cleaning machines are readily available in home improvement stores, for rental and for purchase, and the internet is full of information and tips on how to do it yourself. The truth is that carpet cleaning, while not extravagant, is an expense that some people might not be able to afford. Before making the decision on whether to DIY or have professional carpet cleaners come out, it is best to gather as much information about both choices as possible. Vacuuming should be a part of home cleaning chores. While a professional carpet cleaning will pre vacuum your carpet, most home owners are perfectly able to vacuum their own carpets on a regular basis. If your home is child and pet free, vacuuming should be relatively simple. However, if your home has children or pets, then your carpet almost certainly has crumbs, urine, stains, among other bacteria stuck inside your carpets. Vacuuming can remove a portion of these elements, however there are many factors that must be considered: what kind of fibers are my carpets made of? If I am dealing with a stain, how does my carpet's particular fiber content react to chemical solutions? Is my carpet water resistant? Does my carpet have a low heat tolerability level? Some of the cheaper carpet fibers, like polyester, are not built to be particularly long lasting and therefore a DIY attempt gone wrong is not as severe as it could be with a wool carpet or an Oriental rug, for example. Moving furniture around can be an exhausting task if you live in a big home. When cleaning your carpets, professionally or not, wooden legs of any furnishings must be covered up and covered by wax paper or another protective covering. It is important not replace your furniture until the carpet is fully dried. Carpet dry cleaning is a professional grade cleaning service considered low moisture, meaning there is not a long waiting period for your carpets to dry. Unfortunately, there are currently no commercial grade dry cleaning machines for public rental. Another matter to consider when deciding on your carpet cleaning direction is the current status of your carpets. If your carpet is in need of repairs, this must be taken care of first and the cleaning should follow. This is because your carpets condition might not be able to withstand the strength and heat of carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning services usually have carpet repair and stretching as part of their service menu and can be trusted to mend your carpet.
All in all, DIY carpet cleaning might be beneficial to those who are on a strict budget or for those who have very low traffic area carpets. If your carpets are exposed to children or pets or are older in age, it is probably best to have professional cleaners service your carpets, as the potential risks for permanent damage run very high.
Carpet Cleaning Sunrise has been taking care of local Sunrise carpets for years and we are familiar with the typical damage the Florida weather can cause to carpets. Our expertise also extends to water extraction and water damage restoration to carpets due to the extreme weather. Save yourself the hassle and call us today and ask our customer representatives about our seasonal carpet cleaning packages.

Q: What are the essential first steps after home flooding

A: Unfortunately, floods happen to the best of us. When your home is exposed to flooding and standing water, it is essential to deduce what kind of water it is and to get rid of as much as possible as quickly as possible in order to avoid the formation of mold and mildew. If you know that your excess water has come from a busted pipe from a washing machine or a shower, this water is considered clean enough for you to start the removal process. Until help arrives, try mopping or soaking the water up. If you suspect that some electrical units have come in contact with water, it is best to leave the area and wait for a professional. If water has come from a sewage drain or flood rains, however, this water is considered bacterial and should not be touched by non professionals. The best thing you can do in the mean time is to try to find the location of the water source and open up doors and windows. You should also remember to stay out of the room if you see the ceiling is indenting downwards, do not touch any electrical circuits, and stay away from contaminated water. Professional services like Carpet Cleaning Sunrise are fully equipped to clean up your flood water and to treat the area in order to prevent bacterial formations, such as mold and mildew. We can arrive quickly and get your home on its way back to normal. We work with almost any home insurance company so you will have one less thing to worry about. For more information about our fast acting water extraction services and other services, contact our customer representatives today.

Q: Do dirty carpets really make allergies worse?

A: As a result of our increasing knowledge about indoor and outdoor pollution, indoor carpeting has recently gotten a bad rap. Over the years US emergency rooms have seen many children and elderly being treated for cases of allergy reactions to dust, dander, fungi, mites, and insects. In response, some law makers have suggested outlawing carpeting in public places or at least instating a law that requires the landlord to properly and professionally clean carpets on their premises or else risk liability. While including carpets in a legal framework might seem a bit extreme, the facts speak for themselves. It is true that many people think that regular vacuuming is sufficient enough for the removal of indoor containment. They are mistaken. The importance of professional clean is so important that the EPA has set it standards to 2 professional carpet cleanings per year. There is simply no other way to remove trapped pollutants from your carpet. So the answer to the question do dirty carpets make my allergies worse, the answer is depending on your allergies, yes. If the removal of carpet in your residence is not an option, then your best bet is to call Carpet Cleaning Sunrise. We are a fully licensed and bonded service provider with a team of professionals ready to tackle any kind of carpet problem. Each individual case is different, that is why we suggest calling our customer service representatives. They are knowledgeable on our available services and will even provide you with a free price estimate over the phone. Your home should be a safe place for you and for your health. For more information, give Carpet Cleaning Sunrise a call today!

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